Pilgrims is a short, adaptive narrative game currently under development for PC, possibly extending to mobile devices eventually. The player character is on a pilgrimage to a sacred mountain, but finds the way blocked by a secluded village which guards it. In trying to ascend the mountain on the fifth day, the player will get to know and choose to work with or against this village and the foreign trading post which neighbors it.

The game’s plot and the way it concludes will be influenced not only by the player’s decisions, but also by who and what the player appears to be interested in. The game determines this behind the scenes based on who the player speaks to and in what way, from what questions they ask to the way they respond to questions from the NPCs.

I am acting as the lead designer, writer and programmer on this project. My colleague Cara Curley is contributing her talents as a 2D artist; she is responsible for the art featured on this page.