MYnD Roleplaying System

The Murder Your n Darlings Roleplaying System (MYnD) is a generic dice-step tabletop roleplaying game which places an emphasis on collaborative storytelling, currently under development by Doc & Krueger Games. The mechanics and narrative are intertwined to keep you moving forward.

We wanted to see what would happen if an RPG was designed from the ground up to, in a sense, “gamify” the forms and approaches writers use to create great stories. The result is MYnD, which has systems to help players create interesting narratives that “feel” like the stories we all enjoy outside of gaming!

One of the ways MYnD does this, is by adjusting the difficulty of dice rolls—and, thus, the narrative tension over time—based on how successful a character has or hasn’t been in dealing with a particular conflict. A string of successes makes failure more likely, and vice versa. This ends up meaning a character will face a lot of hardship and failure on their way to achieving their goals. Things won’t always turn out well in the end, and characters will be changed by their experiences, for better or for worse.

Murder your darlings, and bring your story to life!