GENRE is a card game of crazy cross-genre adventures. Players generate and evolve characters using drawn or purchased genre cards, each of which comes with unique mechanics and motivations inspired by a particular category of genre fiction. The GM, meanwhile, procedurally generates new scenes and nemeses based on discarded genre cards and aims to defeat the players. If the players can pool together enough XP before they’re defeated or the deck runs out, they win.

Possible genre combinations include, but are not limited to:

  • Hard-Sci-Fi Magical-Girl Horror
  • Inspirational Sports Punk
  • Lovecraftian Ninja Romance
  • Episodic Pirate Legal Mockumentary
  • Dark Culinary Soap

And a few examples of generated scenes include:

  • A meticulously-scrutinized tavern where you have to rush to get to class on time. (Political Fantasy School Days)
  • An awkward-but-endearing crisis-in-progress where you have to 1) do something your parents warned you against, 2) survive the reason that was a horrible mistake, and 3) return to tell the tale. (Buddy Hero Grimm)
  • An irradiated rival dojo where you have to crack a joke. (Post-Apocalyptic Kung Fu Comedy)

I’m acting as a writer/designer for this project in collaboration with Dr. Adam Brackin as part of Doc & Krueger Games.

Examples of play coming soon!